SCORE of Staten Island is helping Veterans and Families of Veterans with Web and Software workshops to help people start and create a successful business. Score is offering seven workshops in their series. The seven workshops include:

  1. How to Use a Spreadsheet Program for Making Business Decisions and How to Prepare a Customized Business Plan for Start-ups and Existing Businesses. Laptops will be Available for Each Participant's training.
  2. How to Create Word Documents to Promote Your Business – Offline and Online in Various Formats – i.e. PDF etc.
  3. How to Create Power Point Presentations to Enhance Your Companies Images.
  4. How to Create & Maintain a Data Base for All Your Company Records and Operational Information.
  5. How to Use Facebook to Network Your Company and Gain Clients.
  6. How to Use Pay Per Click to Advertise Your Products and Services.
  7. How to Market & Create eBooks at little or No Cost to Promote Your Niche, and Make Money.

These workshops are fantastic for all business owners. You can contact SCORE if your not a veteran and they will be able to accommodate you with another workshop schedule. The use of spreadsheets is a must for all businesses. Using word documents is also indispensable. Using presentations are important for marketing your product. Creating and maintaining databases for your business is critical for customer service, sales and accounting. Their social networking program is excellent, and their pay per click advertising workshop will save you real dollars in advertising online. I know of a few companies that have incorporated the eBooks strategies into their business and they are glad they did. I would recommend this series of workshops for anyone on Staten Island that is contemplating a new business or needs to ramp up an existing one and wants some technical help on the basics of accounting, office software and internet marketing..

You can register for their workshops here. or call SCORE at 718-727-1221.